Graphene and Fluorographene

Graphene is a smart material, but can also be measured as a 2D nanomaterial because it is only one atom thick. Graphene is fundamentally a single layer of carbon in the form of graphite, with its layered structure of hexagonal rings of carbon particles (structure of graphite).It is conceivable to synthesise graphite in individual layers just one atom thick and the product is identified as graphene. Fluorographene (also a smart material): In fluorographene, the quarter valency electron of carbon is paired with one from fluorine to produce a 4th single covalent bond between carbon and fluorine.

  • High quality super-thin insulator
  • Light emitting diodes
  • Like TEFLON, it can used as an inert protective 'non-stick' surface
  • Self-cleaning windows
  • Self-cleaning ovens

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